Window Replacements

There’s a lot to worry about when a hurricane rolls into town, but if you’re like most homeowners, you’re probably most worried about your windows. After all, your windows are the weakest point in your home. That's why meteorologists recommend staying away from the windows during a storm.

With hurricane season rolling around every single summer and lasting into the fall, homeowners spend a good chunk of the year worrying about their windows! Stop worrying about your windows and stop replacing them every year or two after the storms have passed by choosing an impact window installation.

What is Impact Glass?

Miracle Window's impact glass is more than just a single pane of glass. Instead, it's a three-layer sheet that is comprised of two separate sheets of glass with a protected interlayer sandwiched in between. This type of glass is specially designed to withstand the heavy winds and rain that are common during hurricane season.

You are actually familiar with this type of glass already. It’s the same kind of glass that is used in car windshields! When you replace your windows with this kind of glass, you will replace your windows a lot less often, even after a hurricane rolls to town. You’ll save a lot of money too when you aren’t always replacing the glass in your windows!

Additional Benefits of Impact Glass

If you’re searching for window replacements, you’ve got a lot to think about. If you live in Florida, strength is an important consideration, but surprisingly, impact glass has a lot more to offer.

This kind of glass eliminates 99 percent of UV rays, which means you don't have to worry about sun damage when you're relaxing in your home. It means you don't have to worry about faded carpets and couches either!

Impact resistant glass reduces noise transmission, which means all that ambient noise from outdoors is less likely to bother you, and it provides your home with enhanced security. After all, this kind of glass is nearly impossible for a burglar to break!

Looking for energy savings? You'll find it with impact resistant glass! Not only can it help you save on your energy bills, if you choose insulated laminated glass, an additional pane is added with argon gas in between that will help keep the heat out.

Add Impact Glass to Your Next Home Remodeling Project

Add impact glass to your next home remodeling project and you won’t have to worry the next time hurricane season rolls around! Give us a call to discuss how we can personalize an installation just for your home. You can also fill out our online form to get a free estimate!