You probably won't be installing your windows, but fixing a new one is relatively easy; the real issue lies with replacement window installations which require more expertise and tricks. Most old homes have leaky windows, but it's only when windows and door replacements are appropriately carried out that you can continue to enjoy your home. 

When you discover leaky windows in your home, it is vital to note that window openings need to be appropriately managed because they make it easy for mold to grow inside and weaken the walls, but that's not where it ends. This article will explore why you should repair a leaky window and how to install a leak-proof window. 

Why You Should Repair Your Leaky Windows Immediately 

Leaky windows are not uncommon in Northeast Florida, especially in older homes more susceptible to having weaker frames. Window leaks are serious issues, and even the smallest leak should be attended to as soon as possible. Here's because water is corrosive to your home, and its damage can be very costly to repair. Below are some reasons why you should contact a window company to check out your leaky window immediately. 

  • Water Intrusion Due to Structural Damage
  • Interior Damage, Like Peeling Paint or Wallpaper
  • Mold and Mildew Growth
  • Wood Rot Around Window Exterior
  • Drafty Rooms & Uneven Interior Temperatures
  • Increased Heating and Cooling Costs 

How to Install a Leak-Proof Window

Conventionally, the case of repairing or replacing your windows should be decided by an expert. We recommend replacing your windows if they are leaking. The good news is that Miracle Windows & Showers manufacture their hurricane window, saving you the stress of purchasing and searching for a reliable installer. Additionally, our professionals take the time and effort to observe your window leaks and figure out the best way to combat them. If they figure out your home needs window replacements, here is how we install a leak-proof window. 

  • The first step is to uninstall the old window and prepare the opening for the new window installation. 
  • Our experts use flashing tape to seal off the bottom of the opening. We run this flashing tape vertically and ensure it overlaps with the tape applied horizontally, where the water will end up most of the time. 
  • Next, we apply caulk to create a watertight sea and use metal flashing for the head flashing. 
  • Then, we install the window and ensure its appropriately aligned.

Wooden frames are aesthetic, but when they start to leak, it is usually a sign to change windows. So, you can consider other weather-resistant materials when choosing window replacements. In addition, you may want to consider other materials: vinyl, aluminum, steel, and others. These materials may cost a little more, but they are durable and do not rot. 

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