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Jacksonville Energy Efficient Windows

Florida residents may not have to worry much about heat loss since our winters are pleasant and mild, but energy-efficient windows are a still a must for comfort in this warm, humid climate. If your old windows have a high level of air leakage, your cool air is escaping out into the neighborhood, leaving you with high utility costs and a home that is less than efficient. At Miracle Windows & Showers, we make it a point to educate Jacksonville, FL homeowners about the best windows for this climate, and we’ve completed thousands of Florida-appropriate, energy-efficient window installations!

Northeast Florida’s First Choice for Replacement Energy-Efficient Windows

When choosing new windows, Northeast Florida residents must consider several factors—including some that are unique to this area. Rather than worrying about heat loss, unwanted heat gain is the issue. The Low-e coating of our energy-efficient windows will reduce solar heat gain without compromising the amount of sunlight that penetrates the window. Upgrading to our Conservation Windows can save you hundreds of dollars a year on cooling costs, and that’s just one of many benefits you get from choosing our BBB-accredited business for your replacement windows:

  • Transferable lifetime warranty, including no-fault glass breakage
  • Windows are made in our own factory, so there's no middle-man!
  • Energy-efficient window replacements that meet Florida wind load codes
  • High-impact hurricane windows that are Miami-Dade County-approved
  • Low price guarantee with factory-direct savings
  • Expert window installation from skilled, highly trained installers
  • Business practices with a commitment to environmentally friendly procedures

Our Conservation Windows are not only energy-efficient, but they also have the ability to block 95% of ultraviolet rays! An innovative titanium dioxide layer reacts with UV rays to loosen dirt and organic debris, ensuring that your new windows last for a lifetime.

Learn More About Saving Money With Energy-Efficient Windows

Take the first step toward upgrading to replacement energy-efficient windows by contacting Miracle Windows & Showers today! Give us a call to speak with one of our team members, or simply fill out our online contact form to schedule a free, no-obligation estimate. In no time, you can be saving money and keeping your home safe from the hot Jacksonville, FL climate with our quality Northeast Florida replacement windows!


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Our pros aren’t just factory-trained—we own the factory! By removing the middleman, we maintain strict quality control and low prices on all of our windows and doors.

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With over 100 years of combined experience, our window and door company can’t be beat. For total peace of mind, we offer transferrable, non-prorated, lifetime warranties!


Windows for the Florida Climate

All of our products meet Florida wind load codes, and we’re one of the few manufacturers of high-impact hurricane windows that meet Miami-Dade’s rigorous requirements.