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Amelia Island Elite Showers

At Miracle Windows & Showers, we’ve spent more than a decade renovating homes for our customers. Our scope of services has included everything from the windows to the doors, and now to beautiful showers in Amelia Island.

You can count on our team for an amazing, luxurious bathroom remodel without a lot of hassle. In fact, our shower renovations can be completed in just one day with minimal demolition. Yet, you’ll get the look and quality of a Elite Showers shower enclosure when we’re done. Allow Miracle Windows & Showers to explain more about our:

  • Shower Remodels
  • Shower Enclosures
  • New Showers
  • Shower Doors

Shower Remodels in Amelia Island

Your shower remodel doesn’t have to be a stressful experience with us on the job. Miracle Windows & Showers has spent more than a decade helping homeowners with smooth household remodels. We understand what it takes to give customers a fast, attractive shower renovation without breaking their budget. Let us explain more about your potential options.

Amelia Island Shower Enclosures

The enclosure makes up the most important part of your shower. It’s where you’ll be spending time each day and it affects how the shower looks in the bathroom. To ensure it meets all your needs, we offer superior showers by Elite Showers. Our shower enclosures can also be customized with a selection of sleek, minimalist inspired shower products from the wall surround to the hardware.

New Showers in Amelia Island

Our customers often want new showers installed too. Whether you are building a new bathroom or just want the added convenience of a shower stall, our contractors work quickly to get your installation completed in just one day. Plus, you’ll enjoy all the same Elite Showers brand luxuries and style options.

Stylish Shower Doors

You may also find that you require shower doors for your enclosure. We offer a range of styles for installation only or as part of a shower remodel. Pick out your new shower door by the type of operation, style, and frame. We also offer other design choices, like different glass finishes and attached accessories, like a towel bar.

Learn More About Our Showers in Amelia Island

Imagine how great it will feel to step into a richly decorated, modern shower with all the conveniences. You can have that feeling everyday when you choose Miracle Windows & Showers as your contractors. Give us a call or fill out our online form to find out more about our Amelia Island Elite Showers showers today. We’ll be happy to schedule a free consultation and arrange a no-obligation cost estimate.