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While windows are generally thought of as a way to enhance curb appeal and functionality, they also need to be secure. If you want to feel confident in the safety of your household, you should understand the role of windows. 

From window features to security upgrades, there is a lot to learn about window security. This article will cover the role of windows in security for your home and what improvements you can make to feel safer.

Importance of Secure Windows

Aside from the doors, a window is an entry point for potential burglars entering your home. If an intruder notices that you have weak windows on the first floor of your house, they are more likely to target your property. 

A set of secure windows on your property will help give you peace of mind that your home isn't an easy target. With impact glass, the chances of an intruder entering through the windows are very slim. 

Types of Window Security Features

When you want to upgrade the windows of your home, there are a few features you should search for in replacement windows. The primary features of secure windows are reinforced glass, window-locking mechanisms, and security bars. 

These features will prevent someone from breaking the glass during entry or lifting it from the outside. In addition to improving security, the reinforced glass will also help reduce energy costs and improve soundproofing. 

Best Practices for Window Security

If you want secure windows, there are some important practices that you should remember. The first thing is to ensure your windows have high-quality locks that cannot be easily bypassed from the outside or forced open.

When you have outdated windows on your property, you should invest in new premium replacement windows. A set of impact windows will help to enhance the security of your property and improve energy efficiency as well. 

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