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Grassy sand dunes, bright, sunny days, and windswept shores are just a few of the lovely features that come with living in Ponte Vedra. Every locale does have its drawbacks, and here that means some pretty extreme temperatures during the summer and fall. If you are living in this part of Eastern Florida, it's important to have a well insulated home that will keep you cool.

If your windows aren't doing the job and you have drafts or hot spots in the house, consider getting replacements from Miracle Windows & Showers. Our name says it all. We provide superior energy efficient window installation that gives you dramatically improved comfort. Find out how!

Enjoy the Best Energy Efficient Windows in Ponte Vedra

Since 2006, we have been manufacturing our own windows for installation in residential properties. This allows us to produce a customized product that perfectly matches your decor and results in an exact fit in the existing window opening. Our custom fabricated windows are also made to resist the local weather extremes. They won't allow solar UV rays to enter through the glass or moisture to seep in through the frame.

Our energy efficient replacement windows in Ponte Vedra also come with a number of features and amenities:

  • Affordable, budget-approved pricing thanks to our ability to manufacture each product in house.
  • Energy Efficient construction including Low E glass with titanium dioxide coatings and durable weather seals.
  • Hurricane strength windows approved for Miami-Dade county and Florida wind load codes.
  • A transferable lifetime warranty and no fault glass breakage warranty are provided with every window installation.

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If you don't feel comfortable when the temperatures heat up outside, it may be time to get replacement windows in Ponte Vedra. Save money and get a high quality product by choosing Miracle Windows & Showers to complete installation for you. Our experts are available to provide a free consultation with price estimate for new windows today. Give us a call or fill out our online form to sign up for your appointment.