Hurricane Preparedness

Are you worried about the next hurricane that could hit your Jacksonville, FL home? Taking the necessary steps now to protect your property and family could be the best way to ease your concerns.

Preparing a Plan for a Hurricane

Hurricanes hit hard and fast. So, it pays to have a plan developed ahead of time. Here are a few things you should do to get your family and home ready for a bad storm and potential evacuation:

  • Sign up for hurricane alerts on your phone and email.
  • Learn the evacuation route for your neighborhood.
  • Pack a ‘go bag’ that contains essentials for a few days.
  • Stock up on emergency supplies, like food and hygiene products.
  • Make copies of important documents, like IDs, financial records, etc.

Preparing Your Home for the Hurricane

Even if your family must leave ahead of the hurricane, you’ll naturally want to have an intact house to return to later. That’s why homeowners take steps to protect their properties from high speed winds and rain. Here are a few suggestions to consider:

  • Installing Sewer Backflow Valves
  • Anchoring Fuel Tanks
  • Purchasing Hurricane Windows
  • Installing Shutters
  • Cataloging Belongings

Choosing Hurricane Windows

If you are about to replace your home windows, it is a good idea to consider installing hurricane windows designed for increased safety. Most impact windows are made with two types of glass:

  • Tempered Glass

These storm windows are strengthened through an ‘annealing’ process in which it is heated up and rapidly cooled along the outside edges. It creates internal stresses that oppose the normal external stresses on the glass. Tempered glass is about four times stronger than standard window glass and will break into small, round pieces if it is impacted.

  • Laminated Glass

Another option is laminated hurricane glass, which is composed of two sheets of glass with a thin sheet of plastic sandwiched between them. If this glass is impacted, it will crack and shatter, but the plastic holds the glass pieces together.

If you are interested in replacing your windows, you can also get Hurricane Glass through Miracle Windows & Showers. We have a Hurricane Home Protection Program (HHPP) that gives homeowners the option to buy glass windows that are rated for three maximum wind speeds up to:

  • 120 MPH
  • 150 MPH
  • 170 MPH

As a city on the Northeast coastline of Florida, Jacksonville is less likely to be hit directly by hurricanes. Most hurricanes that hit this part of the world tend to track up the Gulf Coast along the western side of Florida. However, Jacksonville still gets its fair share of storms. Most of Duval County where this city is located has a wind speed rating between 110 to 120 MPH. It’s high enough that you‘ll want to install hurricane glass windows with the appropriate rating.

At Miracle Windows & Showers, we offer superior quality Hurricane Glass windows that meet strict Miami-Dade County regulations. Learn more about hurricane windows and how they can protect your family home during a free consultation with one of our window contractors. Just give us a call or fill out our online form to set up your appointment.