Custom-Made Windows

Does shopping for an upcoming window replacement have your head spinning? Choosing between pre-made windows from a large hardware store or custom-made windows from a specialized company is a difficult decision and you're doing diligent research to inform yourself of all the possible options. 

Since 2006, Miracle Windows and Showers has successfully performed thousands of window installations in the Jacksonville, FL area and we want to simplify the decision-making process by giving you our top 3 reasons homeowners choose custom-made replacement windows.

A Perfect Fit Every Time

When you order windows through a big box store, you may experience difficulties finding the proper size. Pre-made windows come in standard sizes and when you attempt to make a store-bought window fit a window opening that varies from those sizes, it will likely require contractor installation or trimming and patching. While this is doable, poorly installed windows can cause leaking, stains, draftiness, and rising energy costs. Steer clear of the DIY option and call the pros. 

Miracle Windows and Showers manufacture our windows to save you time and money. Our expert installation team measures each window opening precisely to understand your needs and gets a perfect fit on installation day. Custom windows replacements allow homeowners to rest easy knowing that their new windows were skillfully installed by a professional window company. 

Uniquely Customized to Complement Your Home

Increase the curb appeal of your home by choosing from our stunning window selection. Not only will you turn heads as they drive by, but you will also get to enjoy many stylish interior benefits from replacing your windows. Use the installation process as an opportunity to upgrade the look and feel of your home. As always, a dedicated designer from the Miracle Windows and Showers team will assist you as you select from the following styles:

  • Picture Windows
  • Bay Windows
  • Awning Windows
  • Sliding Windows
  • Custom Shape Windows
  • Casement Windows 
  • ….And More!

Beyond window style, choose from frame materials such as vinyl, fiberglass, metal, and wood. Each of those comes in custom colors and stains with a variety of striking window features and hardware to finish the look. 

Increased Energy Efficiency Year-Round

We're no stranger to Florida weather. Hot temperatures and hurricanes mean you need your home to be ready for anything. Custom-made replacement windows offer an added sense of security and energy efficiency. Our Hurricane Glass windows are made to withstand extreme weather and are the only window in the United States to receive TDI and Miami-Dade County certifications. 

We offer a variety of services focused on energy efficiency, including:

  • Weatherproof Seals and Stripping
  • Double- and Triple- Paned Glass
  • Hurricane Glass and Impact Glass

It's no secret that homeowners save money when they reduce drafts and increase the temperature control capability of their homes, but our windows go one step further to offer storm security during hurricane season. 

World Class Quality — Direct From Us to You! Get Custom Replacement Windows Today

Miracle Windows and Showers has over 100 years of combined experience to comfortably lead you through the window replacement process. We offer high-quality products at an affordable rate because we've cut out the middle man to manufacture our own windows. We also offer:

Contact our Jacksonville team today to learn how Miracle Windows and Showers can make your Northeast Florida window replacement a breeze.