In need of a window replacement for your Northeast Florida home? Then you may benefit from installing picture windows!

Picture windows are one of the largest of all types of windows. Unlike other types of windows, they are designed as a single, fixed pane of glass, giving you a clear view to the outside. You may be wondering if your home is a good candidate for picture windows or the benefits that picture windows can provide, and the experts at Miracle Windows are here to help you understand all the benefits that picture window replacement can offer.

Energy Efficiency

If you are looking to cut down on your electric bill, picture windows are a great choice. Designed for superior energy efficiency as a fixed-window style, picture windows stay closed to seal out the outside air and increase your home's energy performance. A high-quality picture window in your home can offer:

  • Reduced Heating and Cooling Costs
  • Impressive Resistance to Severe Weather
  • Seamless Views of the Outdoors
  • Incredible Natural Light—Without Energy Loss! 

Wider Views

Since picture windows do not have any obstructions, you will be able to have a gorgeous view of your outdoor space. This will add to the aesthetic of your home and flood any room of your house with warm, bright, natural light. This is also an ideal feature if you're someone who owns plants, and picture windows make a great addition to living rooms, bedrooms, and more.

The vast, beautiful view that picture windows provide will also increase the value of your home if you decide to sell it in the future!

Safety & Security

Another reason why people opt for picture windows is for security reasons. The glass that makes up picture windows is highly durable, making it less likely for intruders to break in. When you combine that with the innovative security features of new windows and expert installation, you can feel confident that your home will be safe and secure.

Easy Maintenance

Picture windows are much easier to maintain in comparison to other windows like bay, sliding, or bow windows. Since the glass and seal do not move, the window will be less likely to break and need repairs. Likewise, picture windows are much easier to clean since you only need to worry about cleaning the glass.

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There are many reasons to install picture windows in your home, and you need to work with a trusted contractor when you're ready to take the next step in window installation. If you're looking to install a picture window into your home or you're in need of other window replacement services, Miracle Windows & Showers has got you covered with our variety of remodeling solutions.

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