Florida Storm Windows

There are good windows and then there are great windows. If you are spending the money looking for energy efficient and hurricane-strength windows to put in your Florida home, you want the best you can find. Unfortunately, there are a lot of window brands on the market, so it can be hard to find the best replacement windows for coastal areas.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started with the search:

Andersen Windows

Andersen Windows

Available in all 50 states, Andersen Windows are known for providing a large selection of customization options and window styles. There are over 35 styles available for window installation to choose from, like awning windows and specialty window shapes.

They also boast good quality energy efficient windows with features like fiberglass frames and Low-E glass to help keep your home more comfortable in the Floridian heat. Andersen even offers a special Low-E glass they call "SmartSun™ Glass." This product filters out 95% of harmful UV rays to keep your home and your family safe from the heat and damaging UV rays.

Marvin Windows

Marvin Windows

Speaking of the weather, if you are looking for a window brand that can keep the coastal storms at bay, Marvin Windows is a top-rated choice. Marvin Windows has a decent selection of design and window style choices.

The brand's Coastline Window is part of the Marvin Signature® Collection, and is specifically designed for use in homes close to the water. These windows are large with minimalist frames to maximize the view, yet they have a number of weather-resistant window features built into them. They feature:

Coastline Windows by Marvin also meet the stringent Miami-Dade County and state of Florida code requirements for high wind pressures.

As a side note, Marvin also offers replacement exterior doors in the Coastline Series.

Conservation windows

Conservation Windows

With a focus on the East Coast, Conservation Windows is a lesser known brand. But, its products are quality examples of exceptional design and protection.

Their Miracle Glass product is available in all of their window styles and options, including double-hung windows, hopper windows, and the classic picture window. Miracle Glass features 12 layers of treatment that provides superior efficiency without putting a dark tint on the view outside.

Additionally, these windows are built for coastal areas too. Conservation Windows boast high impact-resistance, to the point that dealers will throw bowling balls at the glass to demonstrate its strength and resilience. Conservation's storm windows also meet Miami-Dade County and state of Florida code requirements for high wind pressures.

For a Free Estimate on Hurricane Windows in Florida

At Miracle Windows & Showers, we install custom-made Conservation Windows for our customers in the Northeast Florida area. Our team works with these storm and hurricane glass windows, so you don't have to worry about storm restoration later on.

We can also install attractive exterior doors and new shower enclosures. Consider giving us a call to set up a free quote by one of our window installers right away.