Modern Shower Style

As design trends change, there are new ways of creating a modern shower for your home. If you have an aging shower in your home, you may be curious about the ideal options for your space.

With changing design features, there are a few timeless additions you can make to your shower. This article will cover some of the most popular shower styles for modern and contemporary bathrooms.

Set Up Seating 

If you want to enhance the comfort of your shower, a consideration is seating. Whether it's built-in seating or an addition, you can install sturdy seating in your home's shower.

A built-in seat can be crucial for those with mobility restrictions and the elderly. Depending on your preferences, you can choose an option with or without padding. 

Tub and Shower Combo

When deciding on a bathroom design, you don't have to choose to only have a shower or bathtub. A tub and shower combo is a versatile option that fits the needs of everyone in the home.

If someone in the home prefers taking a bath while another prefers a shower, this is an excellent compromise. Additionally, you can design the space to fit the overall style of your bathroom. 

Consider Patterns and Texture 

Modern shower styles have begun to incorporate patterned and textured walls. This unconventional style has grown in popularity as homeowners create centerpieces in their bathrooms. 

One of the most popular patterns is tile with bold and contrasting colors. The differing colors help to draw attention to the shower design and personalize the space. 

Multiple Shower Heads

When deciding on a shower head option, you will find various options that include multiple shower heads. These shower heads typically include a rain shower and handheld shower heads. 

The versatility is what makes this modern shower option a popular option among homeowners. Additionally, you can choose a shower head in a color that best complements the shower walls. 

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